Postproduction and CGI:  Luminous Creative Imaging
Photography of male model:  Luminous Creative Imaging
Photography of original backgrounds: Rens van Mierlo
Agency: Brand New Telly
This project was created for Auping, a brand for beds and mattresses. We were asked to adjust 3 original Auping visuals and completely revamp them for a new campaign focussed around bringing the outside morning feel in.
We had to "open up" the rooms and create complete new backgrounds for each of the visuals. These backgrounds would then come into and integrate with the existing rooms.
First we made sketches to find out what would work best and present this to the client, and then we used both stock images and CGI to create the new backgrounds.
The male jogger was photographed by us in our studio and integrated into the scene.
Main Visual "Milano"  portrait
Main Visual "Milano"  landscape
Main Visual "Dublin"  portrait
Main Visual "Dublin"  landscape
Main Visual "Torino"  portrait
Main Visual "Torino"  landscape
Prliminary sketch "Milano"
Prliminary sketch "Dublin"
Prliminary sketch "Torino" (background was changed in the end)
Original image for "Milano"
Original image for "Dublin"
Original image for "Torino"
In store advertisement with real bed
Auping website overview
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