The Most Seductive Guitar Alive
Print ad for Relish Guitars Switzerland, promoting their flagship guitar Jane.
ConceptFrédéric Müller
Client: Relish Brothers AG, Switzerland
CGI / Photography / Retouching: Frédéric Müller
Special thanks to: Luminous Creative Imaging, Netherlands.
Guitar and background layer of envelopes from fan mail created in CGI.
Additional layer of opened envelopes, cards and hand-written letters, photographed in the studio with the equivalent  light setup as in CGI. 
Visuals used as booth decoration at Frankfurter Musikmesse, April 2015.
Find the first visual of the campaign here: "The Sexiest Guitar Alive"
Find the third visual of the campaign here: "The Most Beloved Guitar Alive"

Special Thanks: Relish Guitars Switzerland for the creative freedom and support. friends at Luminous CI for tips, tricks and your expertise during print finishing.
& you, for watching!
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